We put you in charge of your design. We carry no stubborn opinions about aesthetics or preference for style. Why not? Because the building should reflect its users, not its architect, and we are here to design for you. We like variety of projects, and like the idea of not limiting ourselves to a type or style.

We consider ourselves Human-to-Human, H2H where we design for the user. So if you need an architect for anything, just ask we will be happy to help in any way possible.

Let’s get to know one another – The design will evolve from there!


Kontseptual may be just one firm, but we play multiple roles.

As an architectural firm we have to make sure that all the pieces in the design process fall into order. It is not just about lines on a page, that represent the drawings of your project. Our job is to make sure that all parties are on the same page. The client, consultants, contractors and yes even your neighbors and community stakeholders.


Coordinate with various design consultants that may be involved with a building design such as structural engineers, landscape architects, and many other.

Work with the contractor through out the process to see that all the design is properly translated into built form.

Consider the requirements from your local city or town and any community groups, historic commissions, conservation groups, that need to be considered throughout the process.

We think on a broader level as planners, where we investigate the overall effect our design will have on the great community and neighborhood to the smallest scale as interior designers where we zoom into fixtures and textures of the project.