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A Catalog of Our Design Achievements

Project NameLocationYear of CompletionNotes if any
Two-Family Gut RenovationFalmouth, MA2023-
Hotel Lobby RefreshDanvers, MA2023-
Second Story AdditionBeverly, MA2023-
Interior RenovationBoxford, MA2023-
Kitchen RenovationPeabody, MA2023-
Kitchen RenovationBeverly, MA2023-
Basement RenovationDanvers, MA2023-
Kitchen RenovationMarblehead, MA2023-
Porch AdditionBeverly, MA2023-
Kitchen RenovationSouth End, Boston, MA2023-
Cafe Feasibility StudyBeverly, MA2023-
Full Home Renovation with Second Story AdditionNewton, MA2023-
Restaurant BarSalem, MA2023-
Full Home RenovationBeverly, MA2022-
Bathroom AdditionBeverly, MA2022-
Basement RenovationSalem, MA2022-
Attic RenovationBeverly, MA2022-
Two-Family Gut RenovationBelmont, MA2022-
Bathroom AdditionMarblehead, MA2022-
Basement RenovationBeverly, MA2022-
Two-Family Gut RenovationWatertown, MA2022-
Bathroom AdditionSalem, MA2022-
Full Home RenovationNahant, MA2021-
Two-Family Gut RenovationWatertown, MA2021-
Restaurant RefreshSalem, MA2021-
Restraurant Art WorkPeabody, MA2021-
Two-Family Gut RenovationArlington, MA2021-
Bathroom AdditionDanvers, MA2021-
Basement RenovationBeverly, MA2021-
Full Home RenovationNewton, MA2020-
Outdoor PavilionHollis, NH2020-
Dormer AdditionHamilton, MA2020-
Two-Family Gut RenovationWaltham, MA2020-
Kitchen RenovationJamaica Plain, Boston, MA2020-
Full Home RenovationWindham, NH2020-
Bathroom RenovationBedford, MA2020-
Family Room AddtionHamilton, MA2019-
Full Home Renovation and AdditionBoxborough, MA2019-
Interior RenovationBoxford, MA2019-
Kitchen RenovationMarblehead, MA2019-
Basement RenovationBeverly, MA2019-
Financial Office Design and FurnitureWestborough, MA2019-
Full Home Renovation and AdditionBoxborough, MA2018-
Interior RenovationMalden, MA2018-
Interior Bathroom AdditionBraintree, MA2018-
Residential Interior RenovationWenham, MA2018-
Kitchen RenovationBraintree, MA2018-
Pilates StudioSouth Boston, MA2017-
Kitchen RenovationSwampscott, MA2017-
Basement RenovationWaltham, MA2017-
Basement In-Law ApartmentWaltham, MA2017With variance submission for ZBA
Basement RenovationWaltham, MA2017-
Residential Vestibule AdditionBeverly, MA2017-
Garage RebuildSwampscott, MA2016With variance submission for ZBA
With historic commission submission
Custom Bedroom Closet and CaseworkNorth End, Boston, MA2016-
Coffee ShopWinchester, MA2016-
Attic RenovationBelmont, MA2016-
Second Story AdditionArligton, MA2016-
Residential AdditionBeverly, MA2016With variance submission for ZBA
Residential AdditionActon, MA2015-
Residential RenovationAndover, MA2015With historic commission submission
Bathroom AdditionMarblehead, MA2015With variance submission for ZBA
Geido Sushi BarBrighton, MA2015-
Interior Residential RenovationPeabody, MA2015-
Kitchen RenovationWinthrop, MA2014-
YAK AcademyArlington, MA2014Daycare afterschool program waiting area and play tower
Residential AdditionArlington, MA2014-
Interior Residential RenovationNaples, Florida2014-
Family Room RenovationMilton, MA2014-
Wilburton InnManchester, Vermont2014-
Project NameLocationYear of Completion
Two-Family Gut RenovationFalmouth, MA2023
Hotel Lobby RefreshDanvers, MA2023
Second Story AdditionBeverly, MA2023
Interior RenovationBoxford, MA2023
Kitchen RenovationPeabody, MA2023
Kitchen RenovationBeverly, MA2023
Basement RenovationDanvers, MA2023
Kitchen RenovationMarblehead, MA2023
Porch AdditionBeverly, MA2023
Kitchen RenovationSouth End, Boston, MA2023
Cafe Feasibility StudyBeverly, MA2023
Full Home Renovation with Second Story AdditionNewton, MA2023
Restaurant BarSalem, MA2023
Full Home RenovationBeverly, MA2022
Bathroom AdditionBeverly, MA2022
Basement RenovationSalem, MA2022
Attic RenovationBeverly, MA2022
Two-Family Gut RenovationBelmont, MA2022
Bathroom AdditionMarblehead, MA2022
Basement RenovationBeverly, MA2022
Two-Family Gut RenovationWatertown, MA2022
Bathroom AdditionSalem, MA2022
Full Home RenovationNahant, MA2021
Two-Family Gut RenovationWatertown, MA2021
Restaurant RefreshSalem, MA2021
Restraurant Art WorkPeabody, MA2021
Two-Family Gut RenovationArlington, MA2021
Bathroom AdditionDanvers, MA2021
Basement RenovationBeverly, MA2021
Full Home RenovationNewton, MA2020
Outdoor PavilionHollis, NH2020
Dormer AdditionHamilton, MA2020
Two-Family Gut RenovationWaltham, MA2020
Kitchen RenovationJamaica Plain, Boston, MA2020
Full Home RenovationWindham, NH2020
Bathroom RenovationBedford, MA2020
Family Room AddtionHamilton, MA2019
Full Home Renovation and AdditionBoxborough, MA2019
Interior RenovationBoxford, MA2019
Kitchen RenovationMarblehead, MA2019
Basement RenovationBeverly, MA2019
Financial Office Design and FurnitureWestborough, MA2019
Full Home Renovation and AdditionBoxborough, MA2018
Interior RenovationMalden, MA2018
Interior Bathroom AdditionBraintree, MA2018
Residential Interior RenovationWenham, MA2018
Kitchen RenovationBraintree, MA2018
Pilates StudioSouth Boston, MA2017
Kitchen RenovationSwampscott, MA2017
Basement RenovationWaltham, MA2017
Basement In-Law ApartmentWaltham, MA2017
Basement RenovationWaltham, MA2017
Residential Vestibule AdditionBeverly, MA2017
Garage RebuildSwampscott, MA2016
Custom Bedroom Closet and CaseworkNorth End, Boston, MA2016
Coffee ShopWinchester, MA2016
Attic RenovationBelmont, MA2016
Second Story AdditionArligton, MA2016
Residential AdditionBeverly, MA2016
Residential AdditionActon, MA2015
Residential RenovationAndover, MA2015
Bathroom AdditionMarblehead, MA2015
Geido Sushi BarBrighton, MA2015
Interior Residential RenovationPeabody, MA2015
Kitchen RenovationWinthrop, MA2014
YAK AcademyArlington, MA2014
Residential AdditionArlington, MA2014
Interior Residential RenovationNaples, Florida2014
Family Room RenovationMilton, MA2014
Wilburton InnManchester, Vermont2014
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