Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a stamp (from a Registered Architect) for my building project?

A. In most cases, yes. Ultimately it depends on the requirements of your local building department. If you find it difficult navigating the obstacles set up by your local building department then that is the first indicator that want to seek the help of a licensed design professional, an architect.

We are licensed as a Registered Architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under No. 50716 and NCARB Certified No. 79150


Q. What does NCARB Certified mean?

A. A NCARB Certificate demonstrates that we have met the highest professional standards established by the registration boards responsible for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The NCARB Certificate also assist in reciprocal registration in other jurisdictions, other states.


Q. What does AIA mean as opposed to just being a RA, or Registered Architect?

A. What is most important when hire an architect is that they are licensed as a Registered Architect in the jurisdiction of the project – This is designated by the two letters RA. When an architect is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) it proves first that they are an RA but secondly that they belong to the largest and most influencial professional association for design professionals. This matters to clients as you should know that this group offers robust continuing education and professional support to make sure its members are providing the best architecture services available.



Q. Do you have insurance as an architect and interior designer? And why does that matter?

A. Yes. We are fully insured with Professional Liability Errors and Ommisions Insurance. This kind of insurance differs from general liability (typically what covers a contractor or vendor) as this insurance covers issues unique to professional services and consultation which tend to be intellectual as opposed to physicalin nature – Meaning our insurance stands behind what we design and advise, not what the contractor builds.


Q. So when I hire a contractor do they need insurance to cover construction related activity?

A. Yes. You should always hire a fully licensed and insured contractor for any project.



Q. How much does it cost to have you come visit our project site?

A. Nothing! We typically offer a no cost, no obligation initial consultation to allow both of us to get better aquainted to one another. Call us for an initial consultation!


Q. How much does an architect charge and how is the fee determined?

A. Typically we start with a lump sum Feasibility Study Stage that helps determine the program (architect speak for what rooms you need), scope of work, schedule, and project budget. This stage is capped by a concept design exercise where we begin to explore how the space will be shaped and organized.

Once we complete the Feasibility Study Stage we wil then use the estimated construction budget to determine a design fee that is tied to a precentage value to the construction cost – Meaning our fee slides up or down as the construction budget slides up or down.



Q. What kind of architect and interior designer are you in terms of style?

A. Some architects say form over function. Some say function over form. Some say classical over modern, and so on. We step away from that debate all together. We believe the user, the people who occupy the building, trump all of it. In nearly all cases building are meant to serve people in some way or another. Building are not here for us to labor over and live around, they should be shaped by us, our own physical character and needs.

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