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As a company, we pride ourselves on teaching and mentoring the next generation of designers. Most of our pool of designers come from Endicott College and we end up having about 1-2 interns per year for a short period of time of about 3-4 weeks. This summer we had the pleasure of working with Courtney who is heading into her sophomore year of the Interior Architecture program. We wanted to share some of her own ideas and projects with you. I hope it inspires you!


My name is Courtney Romiza and I’m from Douglas, MA. I enjoy playing ice hockey. I am going to be a sophomore at Endicott College. I am majoring in Interior Architecture. Interior Design has always interested me, I love watching different projects where people flip homes or just design rooms in houses. I also enjoy designing rooms myself, so I am looking forward to having a career in residential Interior Design.


In Courtney’s Words:

I wanted to design a cozy living room. I used a modern farmhouse style for this room. I chose to use this type of style because it is definitely my favorite and I always love designing with this style. It is very simple and sleek. The color palette is very neutral with black, gray, white, and tan. I think with these colors adding greenery really gives it a nice pop. All of these aspects incorporated with the wooden table and storage ties the room together and gives it a nice homey feel.


In Courtney’s Words:

It is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed in your home, especially in your bedroom! The colors in this palette give off a relaxing tone/feel. The style I chose for this bedroom was boho. I chose this style because I usually choose farmhouse style and I wanted to try something new and I think this style is very fun. I think that all of these colors, patterns, greenery, and light woodwork tie the space together and create a calm vibe.

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