Clare Color Palette : Palette 2

Color is everywhere and it inspires me daily. Last month we released the color palette that inspired our branding from Clare paint. You can read that here.  This time, I wanted to put something a little softer together, for those of you that prefer more of a soft space. This palette is not a neutral [...]

Shop The Look – Dark And Light Dining Room

[qodef_section_title type="standard" position="" title_tag="" disable_break_words="no" title="DARK AND LIGHT DINING ROOM"] This dining room was designed around an existing space, with a checkered floor. The inspiration was to work with the floor and the dark wooden colors and textures to create a very functional, but also flexible space. This space was intended to be used for [...]

Pink Dining Room-Shop The Look

As a designer, I am inspired by many things. It could be artwork, a rug, a landscape, architecture, materials or even fashion! This dining room was inspired by artwork by Sarah Rutledge, which you can see is on the wall behind the coffee table. Pendant lighting is a beautiful added touch to this space and [...]