Lighting – Kitchen Island

For our second lighting post, I wanted to get into kitchen pendants. See our post about dining room pendants for more inspiration on that! How high do you go, how wide? All these questions are very important and a lot of pictures you see online would reveal an effortless look, but there is a lot [...]

Lighting – Statement Piece Pendants

I am the kind of person that walks into a room and looks up, and in so many cases I question the choice of the lighting fixtures. You can have the most amazing design put together, but if you do not take the time to update your lighting, the space may feel incomplete. In this [...]

How I created a pin board with Felt Right Wall Tiles

My initial goal was to find a pin board I can place in my kitchen to display my kids' art and add notes. I saw a lot of options from cork to actual magnetic boards. None of them were going to tie into my space as much as I wanted to. Until I discovered Felt [...]

Paint Color Inspiration

We love being inspired by things that surround us, our branding and color palette was inspired by copper and its aging properties. For this color inspiration board, we wanted to introduce something that we love! We are not afraid of color in fact we love it. Ksana, Kontseptual Owner, keeps laughing that there is only [...]