One of my favorite imaginary sitting rooms I have created. I call this my Art Deco meets Modern inspired design. Art Deco was all about bold colors, and geometric designs, so I tried to channel that when creating this sitting room. I love the colors in this room. The gold accents, the blue sofa, the color on the walls, and artwork all add their own uniques elements. The trick is to find the balance in bringing it all together. I live in New England, and most homes have smaller sitting and family room areas and I wanted this room to be able to fit into a home with closed-off walls, but a need for a private sitting area.

The gold and brass elements have made a comeback and can add an unexpected astonishing factor to any room that needs a little bit of sparkle. Don’t be afraid to add some great artwork, and geometric elements, as that is a definition of Art Deco.

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